Re-opening of Hull Minister


Following more than two years of works that have transformed the city’s most amazing, historical and beautiful place, Hull Minster has now fully re-opened to the public.

Providing a flexible space for worship and use for cultural, artistic, community and corporate events, It now offers a spectacular and unique new venue for the public with state-of-the-art lighting and audio visual facilities have also been installed plus underfloor heating.

Dr Barnes said:

“This is a truly historic day for Hull Minster and the city of Hull. After more than two years of works, inside and out, we can now re-open fully to the public and once more welcome the community in through the West Doors. We’re sure people will share our appreciation of the extraordinary transformation that has taken place. This building has always been a magnificent and beautiful place, but it has now been given a new lease of life, with new space and light and so many fresh 



opportunities. It’s now an even more amazing place for everyone to worship, enjoy, explore and belong. Our exciting vision for this great church is being realised. Having seen what can be achieved, we urge everyone who can to help us fulfil the unique potential for Hull Minster to bless and serve the city and community in so many ways.”



Hull Minster Development Trust Chair John Robinson said

Hull Minster is a priceless asset for our city and region but one that, not too long ago, was neglected and facing a perilous future. The great doors we have entered through could have closed forever. Now they are open again and a new chapter has begun. By a comparatively modest investment the Minster has been much more than just preserved, it is becoming what it was always intended to be – a true hub for the community, fit for purpose today and for generations to come. This is a landmark moment, but there is still much to be done to unlock the full potential of this wonderful place. We still need financial support – there are still bills to pay for this part of the project and we want to move on as quickly as we can to the third and final ph

ase. Only by delivering the project in full can we be sure of creating a sustainable future for Hull Minster and all the vital work supporting lonely, isolated and at-risk people that takes place in and from this inspiring place.

Finally the Hull Minster’s remarkable restoration is set to include the creation of a new high-quality café, situated at the south west corner of the church, providing a modern facility for the volunteers to provide welcoming hospitality to its visitors.   

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