A new initiative to support students through the exam period at St Mary’s College.

With only weeks to go until exam season, Stress Less is an exciting and innovative new initiative developed at St Mary’s College which will support GCSE and A-Level students throughout their exam period. These months are generally a very challenging point in many young people’s lives and our initiative strives to combat this stress.


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St Mary’s College is looking to take some of the stress away from students


Stress Less will run in a two-fold manner – in the first instance it will provide students with resources and techniques to enhance their studies and provide them with the support they need during revision season. The second element will run up to and during the actual exam season – this will be a series of activities and events intended to help relax and give students a much needed break from the stress of study.

A resource pack ‘The Relax Pack’ has been developed by the SM6 Graduate Interns and was presented to students at a launch event at the college on 22nd March 2018. With added support from agencies outside school including MIND & Young Minds the project intends to host further events and activities in order to reach and support a wider body of students in the future.

Janelle Perry, Head of Sixth Form endorses this new initiative, ‘We want to support our students in the best possible way we can. We have outstanding pastoral care in our Sixth Form and we pride ourselves on the support we give. Our staff offer their time and often meet with students who are struggling with anxiety and stress issues to give a listening ear and advice. However, we wanted to offer even more and give more practical guidance to help our students with their mental health. We have therefore developed the ‘Stress Less’ initiative in order to provide this much needed support during a challenging time. We are planning on hosting events throughout the year as we understand that mental health needs looking after all year round not just during stressful times.

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