Hull: We’re looking for stolen machines and parts

Officers will be out and about today as part of Operation Yellowfin checking motorbikes to see if they have any identification tags on them – and to check if the rider matches the tag.

Data tagging is a system where microchips are inserted into bikes to mark them and provide an identification reference that can be easily checked.

Bikes are made up from lots of components that can be stolen individually. These include expensive body panels, chrome parts, and wheels.

If they are marked and tagged then it provides a visual warning to a would-be thief that the motorcycle can be identified, and make them less likely to steal it or try to steal parts from it.

Scanners carried by our local officers locate these chips and this technology is being used as part of our road checks.

Police hand held scanner

Owners of top-end expensive bikes are more likely to have their pride and joy tagged. Police are encouraging those riders who may have a less valuable bike to do the same.

Police want you to protect your investment and mark your bikes to help reduce motorcycle theft and related crimes.

If you have any information regarding motorcycle crime please call Police on 101 quoting ‘Yellowfin’. You can call also Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Follow Police on social media and share any information you may have #Opyellowfin

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