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Hull: Don’t fall victim to rogue traders that are active in our area.

1 May 2018
A Message from Humberside Police

Another vulnerable person in Hull has become a victim rogue traders and had a significant amount of money taken from them.

Please be aware that rogue traders and scammers are active in the area.  If you have any information that would help us prevent further victims then please call us on 101.

What is a rogue trader?

Rogue traders are any ‘company’ or individual who offers services on the doorstep, often with little or no means of identification, and go on to rip off their victims and take money from them.

Rogue traders will knock on the door, saying they are working in the area, and will point out something like a loose tile on the person’s roof or that their drive needs resurfacing. They grossly over charge and then come back again and again, taking more money each time. They may even charge without completing the work and often demand money before any work is done.

Who suffers?

Victims are often vulnerable, elderly and/or isolated people who don’t know about these scams and trust people, they believe anyone who is friendly or seems knowledgeable and genuine. If they have become a victim, they often feel ashamed and/or scared and so don’t tell anyone. This not only means the original scam goes unreported but it also makes it easy for the rogue trader to return for more.

How can you help?

Talk to your friends, neighbours and family – make sure they know about rogue traders and help them to protect themselves.

What are we doing?

We are investigating all offences reported to us, but we know that rogue trader incidents are not always reported – people feel ashamed – please don’t, if you have been a victim please call 101 so that we can help you and prevent others becoming victims

We want to make sure as many people know about these rogue traders, our elderly residents don’t see our social media and website information and we are taking letters out to the areas where we know people have been affected and talking to people on their doorsteps.

Our most recent case has left a vulnerable man severely out of pocket and we would appeal for anyone with information to call us – you might be able to help us find these criminals and bring them to justice.

Source: Humberside Police

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