Two thousand St Mary’s College students & staff, seven primary schools and fifteen local and national businesses joined together to celebrate the exciting learning opportunities available in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects at St Mary’s College, as well as the wide spectrum of career and study roles available beyond sixth form.

With the support of a number of passionate Sixth Form ambassadors the school was able to offer a variety of experiences including a direct video link-up to The National Space Centre allowing an insight into the life of an astronaut. Both pupils and staff were treated to a lecture on the exploration for extra-terrestrial life delivered by the Head of Physics for the University of Hull, Professor Brad Gibson.

Through their science lessons, students had an opportunity to explore the solar system, creating their own “Mars Base”. Each lunchtime of the week saw pupils actively involving themselves in science experiments at the STEM fair.

The week culminated in a Women in STEM Conference, with leading figures from the business world, as well as undergraduate and PHD students sharing their experiences and advice with three-hundred captivated female students.

“We look forward with great enthusiasm, to building and launching a weather balloon to the edge of space from the school site in the coming weeks, and hope to make good use of the data from the black box on board after its successful trip to space and subsequent dramatic fall to earth.” SMC

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